Walking Dead

Save Humanity !

Scénario :
Players: 2 to 7
Minimum age: 14 yo or more
Briefing: 15 minutes
Duration: 1h
Débriefing: 15 minutes + group phot

after a long period of coma. Disoriented, you quickly inspect the surroundings and you realize that something terrible has happened… Blood and human body parts are strewn on the floor and the walls.


Fragments of memories come back to you, and you remember when a virus hit the population and turned most humans into zombies.


The Rangers’ appetite for human flesh knows no bounds.


The only way to end this pandemic is to find and spread the antidote that is in the hospital.


You only have 60 minutes left before you become contaminated yourself and this plague puts an end to all forms of life!

Salle x2 - Compétition
Salle x2 - Compétition
Salle +14
Salle +14









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