Online booking

Book your game online!

Our entire establishment is air-conditioned.


    • 2 players

      42€ each
    • 3 to 7 players

      28€ each

For children aged 12 to 14, a Game Master will be present in the room to supervise the group.
For children under 12 years old, our adventures will only be possible in a family setting with several adults.

IMPORTANT: Please consider the following before booking


1) You have two options for online booking:

 -  If you do not know the final number of participants (or if you have any doubts), we invite you to pay 28 euros down payment on our website,
and make the additional payment on site on D-day. This will allow you to update the pricing with the right number of players present on D-Day..

In the majority of cases, we advise you to pay the 28 euros deposit because we do not offer any refund, if one or more players withdraw at the last moment.


-  In case you are sure of the final number of participants, you can directly pay the entire part.

(see our legal terms)


2) You can select several game slots at the same time, in order to reserve several rooms to play simultaneously.

All our game rooms can accommodate from 2 to 7 players (except the "Haunted House" and "Rome"  game rooms which are for 2 to 6 players)

For an optimal gaming experience, it will be necessary to favor a maximum of 5 players per game room.


3) Children under 13 can participate in our adventures ONLY accompanied by at least one adult.

In order to avoid offending the sensibilities of the youngest, we advise you to avoid "horror" themes (walking dead, haunted house, Asylum).


4) No reservation can be taken by phone.
Except for the boxes where it is indicated "Available on call" on our website.


5) We accept holiday vouchers (ANCV).
  To do this, you will need to book a 28-euro deposit online and pay the balance on site on D-Day in ANCV cheques.


6) After making the payment, you will necessarily receive a confirmation email as well as a MONETICO payment ticket
Without payment, the reservation will not be taken into account. (please check your spam)


7) It is IMPERATIVE to arrive 15min before the time of the reservation.
In case of delay of more than 15-20 minutes we reserve the right to reduce the playing time, or to cancel the game without possible refund.

(see our legal terms)