The stone of Anubis

Protect the Earth from chaos !

Scénario :
Players: 2 to 7
Minimum age: 14 yo and more
Briefing: 15 minutes
Duration: 1h
Debriefing: 15 minutes + group photo

Egypt, 2500 BC. You are servants of the Order of Anubis, the patron god of embalmers and master of the necropolis.


In the shadow of a temple, beyond the Nile Valley, you are responsible for watching over the sacred stone containing the power of the funerary God, a true guarantee of the maintenance of order between the world of the living and the world deaths.


The famous legend of the stone has been revealed to ill-intentioned people…


Treasure hunters seized the Stone of Anubis, but the secrets of the temple got the better of their recklessness…


Your duty is to scour the temple for this powerful artifact, and return it to its original place as soon as possible!


Beware, if the Stone of Anubis has not returned to its receptacle within the next 60 minutes, it will no longer be able to ensure osmosis between our world and that of the deceased, who will then return to Earth to haunt us!

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